My Family Celebrations

My favourite holiday to celebrate is Christmas.Β  I wake up sometimes early sometimes not. I always jump up straight away and run into my sister’s room and wake her up and we run down the stairs at the speed of light. Then I get my mum and dad and my other brother and sister and my mum picks up my baby brother. Then my mum wants to get a photo every single Christmas and we do not even get breakfast!! We go straight down and open our presents and then we put Christmas music on and then we get breakfast.Then we get our presents and toys. Then our aunts and uncles grannies and grandas come and ask what we got. Then around 6 o’clock or 7 o’clock we go up to our nannies and we do secret Santa. Then we go home at around 10 o’clock.Then we go to bed and that would be the end of Christmas for this year……


Hippo’s are large semi aquatic mammals. considered to be the 2nd largest mammal on earth. They are 3.5m long and 1.5m tall. They weigh 3,200Kg – thats as much as 3 cars! In the wild hippos tend to live for 50 years. They consume 68kg of grass per night. Their closest relatives are cetaceans [Whales,porpoises]. They weigh approximately 45kg at birth. Hippos close relatives are pigs and dolphins. They spend 16 hour a day in the water. There are 10 to 30 members in a herd of hippos and they can stay under water for 5 minutes before coming up for air. Hippos can fill their stomachs and not eat for 3 whole weeks! Hippos are also very loud animals – their snorts, grumbles and wheezes have been measured at 115 decibels, according to the San Diego zoo about the same volume you’d get when 15 feet [4.6m]Β  from the speakers at a rock concert. These booming creatures also use subsonic vocalizationsΒ  to communicate with each other. Hippos are very aggressive and are considered very dangerous. They have large teeth and tusks that they use for fighting off threats, including humans. Sometimes their young fall victim to adult hippos’tempers. During a fight between two hippos, a young hippo caught in the middle can be seriously hurt or even crushed.

My Hallo’ ween

Hi I am Kayne I had a great Halloween. It was brilliant. I dressed up as aΒ  buisness man. I went up to my nanny’s estate and I went trick or treating around the estate. Then my cousins came and we went down the bray. We saw boys light fireworks. Then we went home and we talked for a little while then we lit sparklers. My one did not work so I got another one that worked. I thought I would light on fire or burn my finger so I threw it away. I filled my pillow case to the top. I am nearly finished my sweets. I ate all my chocolate in like three days. I only have lollipops and gummies left. My sister was a dead bride and my brother was a skeleton and my baby brother Zach was also a skeleton. My little brother got a little bit of sweets and my little sister was a witch. I really enjoyed my halloween. I got more than enough sweets. I say this was my best halloween ever.


My name is Kayne. I like football ,boxing and gaelic. I am ten years old and I am in fith class. I used to have a dog and his name was Oscar. I have two sisters and two brothers. I also like cars, my dad owns a Skyline GTR. He used to own a Chaser. I live in Cloontagh. I think I am kind of good at maths and art, I really like art. I am good at the tin whistle. I like apples and grapes. My favourite food is piazza mmmmmmmm i love my pizza. My least favourite food is fish. I hate fish. I have seven people in my family. I love bouncing on the trampoline.